Today I had to take a break from my commission work and create more eyes, as I found out the green eyes I had do not look green when they are on the face. Not very nice to realize that after inserting the eyes on the fairy head... but anyway, I also created bigger eyes, like the ones on the picture, so that I wouldn't waste materials. They are 1 cm in diameter and I will probably use them for my other projects of larger scale dolls.
There was another discovery today, a nicer one this time. The eyes I create are water safe! Washing Machine safe to be more specific. I found a pair of eyes inside my washing machine, when I was removing the washed clothes! I have no idea of how they went into there, but it was interesting to see they were intact, no defect, no damage! Of course nobody will ever throw a doll inside a washing machine (I believe) but it's a proof of the eyes quality, isn't it?
Now I just have to wait for the new eyes to dry...


"I believe there are no words to thank you for making this dream come true. The fairy is perfect, I couldn't have found a better gift, even if it was a real fairy.
Just as we loved it, we are sure that she will love it too.
Each detail is perfect, each little part of this fairy is more than beautiful, it is a dream, our dream, that became possible through you. So, all I can say is a simple,
but very true Thank You!
It was very especial, the achievement of a dream that we had for 4 years. And this moment will be with us forever and you will also be part of it, for you have created the best gift of all."

This lovely picture and e-mail (translated from Portuguese to English) I received today from the girls (Tatiana and Gabriella) who commissioned me to create Fairy Any. The picture shows the moment they gave Fairy Any to their idol, singer
Anahi. They were so kind to send me the picture...
this is one of those moments in life when it feels like everything makes sense and you can almost fly, taken by the soft breeze of happiness that is filling everything around you.


I just started working on a new commission. It's from a nice man in the USA who wants to have his wife as a fairy. I fell in love with his story, with the meaning that this fairy will have for them. And now I am also in love with his wife... while looking at her old pictures and reading her e-mails. It's so good to meet new people and their life, and realize it is still possible to find happy couples, who live together for so much time, sharing their sorrows and happiness, facing troubles together, not running away from them, like my father did...
Again, I feel blessed that I was chosen to create such a wonderful work of art. I will do my best to make it really wonderful.
I'm sure this piece will have much more than my work on it. It will also have my heart and my deepest admiration for a love that will never end!

Thank You!


I can finally post pictures of my last work, the commission fairy "Any". There are many more pictures on my website: www.tatianatofaneto.com . Visit the "gallery" page, then click on her small picture and you will be taken to her pictures page.

I'm very happy that things worked just the way I expected.

Started this project on July 06
Finished on August 05
Shipped the fairy on August 06
Approximately 120 working hours to complete this project.

I am open now for new commissions, feel free to contact me if you are interested!


That's one of the eyes of the commission work. I made the eyes by myself, so they are not painted, they are glass-like eyes. It gives such a realistic effect...
After finishing the face painting, I spent two hours applying eyelashes! Maybe I'll get expert with practice but I like the way it came up for a first try. I can't post all the pictures in respect to the person who commissioned me, as it is going to be a gift for someone. But I'll do it once the gift is delivered. Today I went downtown and bought a beautiful golden box where I will send the fairy in. She will have a especial packing since she is a gift. And she really deserves it...


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