It was a great experience to finish the Male Fairy during the 10 days auction. Not only because it was a WIP auction, but also because I had to finish it in 8 days, as I wanted to have his pictures done for the 2 last days of auction. I want to thank my dear husband so much, for his endless support. Without him I couldn't do it. Also thank my mother who always find a way to help, I love you mom!
Some people e-mailed me to say how much they liked Typus, I was so glad to know that.
Now that the auction is finished I only hope the winner will like him personally as much as she did on the photos.
I'm thinking about my next project which I will start on tuesday 27. I wanted to have a witch fairy for halloween as I did last year, but I'm too late now... so I'm thinking of something else...
My baby just got the flu, I will be giving him more than all my love until he is well again (if that is possible).
It's better not to make plans for now.


She is now on her way home to Las Vegas, USA. Hopefully she will arrive soon to her new family and will make them happy.
Click on the picture to enlarge or visit my website for more pictures of her.
It was a pleasure for me to create this fairy. I really enjoyed all the brainstorming with the clients who I can call friends now =)
I feel the creation of this fairy somehow helped me learn more about myself, understanding my limits which I never seem to be able to respect.


the fairy's clothes

SkirtIt is the first time I create removable clothes. It was a huge challenge for me as I can't sew. But I just love challenges and I am happy with the result of this one.

It took me 2 days to finish it, between brainstorming and creating. I had the great help of my dear husband, but this time it wasn't practical, it was his presence only that inspired me and gave me the "light" I was waiting for to make the clothes. Thank you love!

I hope the client will enjoy dressing and undressing her fairy. =)


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