I would like to announce I won't be updating this blog anymore. My work news & updates will all be concentrated on the Doll Essence website.

Thank you everyone who has been following my work, I hope you will continue visiting me on my new blog!

I invite you to visit my website for porcelain BJDs "Doll Essence".



Work by Doll Essence
Work, a photo by Doll Essence on Flickr.

Over a month with no updates here on the blog! Sorry! I've been working on my comissions. These dolls take so much time to complete and I put all my love and dedication on making them.
This picture shows a Monah head I finished painting. I love this part of the proccess!


New Monah - close up ♥ by Doll Essence
New Monah - close up ♥, a photo by Doll Essence on Flickr.

This is the new face painting I created for Monah! hope you like it!

Orders: For a limited time, orders for nude Monah (with her new face painting) will have 30% off. Christmas Special! ♥ PLEASE visit www.DollEssence.com for more pictures and information!


I am so happy to tell that my porcelain BJD is in Dolls Magazine December 2011!!!
The article is my story, beautifully written by dear friend and masterJack Jonhston! If you want to read it click the link bellow to view the digital edition (pages27-28)

Minha BJD de porcelana na revista Dolls Magazine, edição Dezembro 2011
Um artigo maravilhoso, minha vida, escrito por Jack Jonhston.
Para ver a revista edição digital clique no link acima (páginas 27-28)


I am so glad to announce my first porcelain BJD is finished! I am taking orders now. Please visit the page bellow for more pictures and information:



soon by Doll Essence
soon, a photo by Doll Essence on Flickr.

The first brasilian BJD is almost ready, just like a butterfly she patiently waits for the right time to come out of her cocoon!

A primeira BJD brasileira está quase pronta, assim como uma borboleta, ela aguarda pacientemente o momento certo para sair de seu casulo!


My doll almost finished! by Doll Essence
My doll almost finished!, a photo by Doll Essence on Flickr.

So glad, she is almost finished! If you want to be notified as soon as she is available for orders please visit: http://www.DollEssence.com


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