I can finally post pictures of my last work, the commission fairy "Any". There are many more pictures on my website: www.tatianatofaneto.com . Visit the "gallery" page, then click on her small picture and you will be taken to her pictures page.

I'm very happy that things worked just the way I expected.

Started this project on July 06
Finished on August 05
Shipped the fairy on August 06
Approximately 120 working hours to complete this project.

I am open now for new commissions, feel free to contact me if you are interested!


  1. moti said...
    absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!
    love her!!!!
    mini - hugs!!

    @ndré said...

    It´s a wonderfull fairy, full of lovely details. One of your best works so far.

    PS: Is the doll the "portrait" of a singer?

    Tatiana said...
    Thank you Eli, thank you André,
    André, she is inspired on the singer "Anahi" from "Rebeldes".

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