How glad to be finished with the sculpting, sanding etc...
I'm getting ready for the next steps: painting, hair, clothes, wings... wow! There is still a lot to do! But I love it, this is such a pleasant job. Where else you can relax while you work? =)


I love sculpting hands so much. I fell they are getting better and better but I think there is still so much to improve until they are perfect! Spent long hours on these hands. What do you think about them? =)


Finished sculpting the feet today. The left foot which is on the photo has been already attached to the the leg. Click on the picture to see it enlarged. It is greatly enlarged, the feet are only 1,4cm wide (1/2 inch).
I know I still have many things to improve, but they are the best feet I've sculpted so far so I'm pretty happy with them. Let me go back to the right feet now.


It's a great feeling every time I finish sculpting the body. I love holding it in my hands, after it is baked and be able to "feel it". Much better is to notice there aren't ANY moonies! YIPPIE! I see it as a great sign, she will be perfect!
Long hours of sanding comes next. When I think I've sanded enough, I sand more. I wish I knew any other technique to skip this part, it would be great not having to sand that much. But it seems there is no other way. Anyway, now she has a beautiful, clean and soft skin. I just wish I could get rid of all my skin imperfections that easy! Well... not that easy... I think it would hurt to have my skin sanded... crazy me!
Next steps are sculpting the feet, hands, ears. Then she is done! I can't wait.
I think she should be ready already, but I've been a little sick lately, with that allergy that almost drives me crazy.


This is my current work in progress. It is a commission fairy which I'm really enjoying to create.
There might be some changes on her face so I have not baked it yet. I'm working on the body armature now. She will have a lovely pose.


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