There will always be this little hand when I'm writing about my art and that pink heart from the previous post when I'm talking about other things. It will be easier for readers to choose what they want to read, if they ever come back.

I'm working on this male fairy now. I have been wishing to work on a male sculpture for a long time. The other day when my husband arrived from work he showed me a beautiful tree seed which he found while working and he told me he brought it for Olavo (our little son). That seed used to be also a toy for us when we were children. When falling, it looks like the rotor blade of an helicopter. We used to throw it and watch its fall. Therefore, when I looked at those seeds on my husband's hands they didn't look like a toy anymore, they looked like fairy wings to me. It's interesting to see how the way we see things change, due to our age, life and experiences. Then I knew it would be beautiful wings for a male fairy and a whole story came to me, as if a fairy was whispering it in my ears. It gives me the feeling that this is a very special fairy, maybe the fairies wanted to contact me again and there's another mission for me,just like it was with Alana, the ype tree fairy. I will write more about the story behind this male fairy, along with the pictures that I will post later.

It's been a long time I started sculpting him, I'm just trying to get used to my husband's new work schedule but as the time goes, it seems I have less and less time for myself. He used to work from 2 to 11pm. So I usually worked on my fairies after my baby went to bed, around 8pm until my husband arrived. Now he is home at 5:30pm, I do love to have him home early as we can have a better social life. But then I don't have the evenings by myself anymore. Now I sculpt when my son allows me, when he sleeps in the afternoon. I know it won't be like this forever, but I feel really bad about not having more time for my art. I have so many projects all in my mind just waiting to be born from my hands. I have been putting them all on the paper so that I will not forget them.


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