I like this picture as much as it hurts to remember that I broke her foot. This is my first complete-fired-to-maturity-porcelain-doll. I broke her foot while I was stringing her, I accidentaly let it fall on the floor. Fortunately she was only a test-firing doll, she is not perfect and there are some adjustments that I am making on the wax model now. But I hate the fact that I lost her foot because I know how much work it was!
While she holds her broken foot I can't help but imagine what she is thinking...It looks like she is wondering whether she has any similarity with Cinderella... "Wasn't I supposed to lose the little glass slipper?"


My work has been featured in Dolls Magazine Special Edition - Encyclopedia Artistica - summer 2011! I feel so honored to be among those amazing Doll Artists! ♥
You can view the digital magazine here:

Meu trabalho foi publicado pela segunda vez na revista internacional Dolls Magazine - Edição Especial, verão 2011. Me sinto honrada em estar neste artigo entre tantos artistas maravilhosos! Meu trabalho está na página 34 e 35.
para ver a revista digital clique abaixo:


I am very pleased with my decision to include this procedure in the creation of my porcelain ball jointed doll. I was amazed by the advantages of making wax castings before the final porcelain casting. I guess the only disadvantage is the extra work and that it takes longer to finish the project. But I am pretty sure the results will worth it. Working with wax is very messy, look at my desk!


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