Torso and clay balls
Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
Work never seems to finish on this doll. I've been making all the clay balls and adjusting the body lines, carving the baked clay which is not very nice. I love taking pictures of her body parts just to imagine her finished! Imagination is much easier than reality! =)
So, better get back to work!


Feet joints
Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
I've been working more on TatiDoll lately thanks to my dear husband! =)
He is being so supportive, I think I will be able to finish this project sooner than I expected!
The picture shows the legs ready for the ball joints, I started with the easiest joints which are the feet and hands (in my opinion).
More pictures on flickr.
There are SO MUCH work yet to be done....
but I'm loving EVERY second of it.


Finished feet
Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
I've just finished sculpting my BJD feet today! getting ready for the next step - joints!


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