This beautiful fairy has been finished on my Doll Art Brasil website. She now belongs to one of my dear students. She "chose" her owner through a drawing that happened on December 30, I had a video conference with all my students where I made the drawing and it was a lot of fun!

It was my way to say thank you to all the wonderful people who joined my course and trusted me. It is not always safe to join such kind of website as you may end up frustrated in the case that the artist just stops teaching because she/he becomes engaged in other projects (it happened to me once). That's why I am so proud to have completed this project, teaching people in my country, how to sculpt an adult and a child fairy in polymer clay, from the very start to the end. And yet I've given them a bonus - a mermaid lesson - which I will post pictures here soon.

The best thing about all this is to see the result of my work. Some students are even starting to teach other people in their home studios where they used to teach cold porcelain only. It is just fantastic to see they've learned so fast through my lessons, that they are able to teach now! While it took myself five years to find the confidence and experience to do so. This is just the best reward I could get.


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