New head on the way
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Yesterday I started the second head, the one inspired on a famous girl from a movie... Ok, I hope you won't laugh at the end, I don' t know if it will end up looking like the girl's face but I will try to get her facial features as she is so beautiful and delicate. The picture shows the very firs steps of the sculpting, so it's a bit weird yet. I have a friend who might be reading this and he surely knows the girl and the movie I'm talking about, so please dear, don't say it out loud ok? No big deal folks, I don't want to make everyone anxious about that, it is not a portrait work ok?


After baking...
Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
I've finished sculpting the doll head, and you can see the baked head on the picture. She was on the oven longer than the other dolls I make. As she is a prototype the clay must be hard for the purpose of mold making. When I think of all the stages I still need to conclude it makes me feel a little anxious, but it has been great so far. I am really enjoying this work. thank you for watching.


Working on the head...
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This is the first face I wrote about in other post, the face that came from my mind, without any reference and that I almost gave up sculpting. I think I like it now. I'm still working on the final details, like ears and smoothing... and I think I don't like the mouth very much. I just have to find out what exactly I don't like about. I'm trying to imagine her face after painting to see if she is the doll I was dreaming of...
When I finish this one I will start making the head based on that famous girl. =)


New Work in progress...
Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
I decided to create a flickr account to share photos only. I think it is neat and easy to use. I will keep writing about Tati Doll here but most of the pictures will be on flickr. By clicking on the picture you will be taken to my flickr page. Thank you!


I had an inspiration while making a cake with my son. Laugh and mess!

~Inspiration usually comes when I am happy~

Here is some update about Tati Doll:

I spent the last 3 days working on the head, I have to admit I was getting quite upset about it. I thought I could get something from my mind, as this doll will be specially made for me I thought she could just "come out" of the clay using my memories as a reference. I even tried some sketches before putting the hands on the clay, but although I love to draw, sketches don't work for me. So I started the first head, concentrating on what I wanted my doll to be. No, it was not like that. The first head came back to the pack of the clay. Started a new one and NO, NO, NO!!! What's wrong? Oh well, I was very upset. But then, in the afternoon, I had this inspiration... I started singing a song, while making a cake for my son (and WITH my son - what a mess!). A song from a movie I love so much. And I remembered the movie that made me dream when I was a child. The beautiful girl.... THAT'S IT! The girl.... she will be my inspiration!!! At that moment I was so excited I wanted to go to the studio and start working on her right away, but had to finish the cake and put my son to bed. I couldn't stop thinking of this wonderful inspiration, and the more I thought about it, more ideas were emerging out of it. When everything was done, I went to the computer and started searching the web for pictures of her. So many beautiful pictures... wow! I am so happy that I finally found a reference for my doll. A heavy rain started, I had to turn the computer off, and looked at the second head I had started. I almost destroyed it as I did with the first one, but then I thought - well I won't be able to start the new head now because of this rain so I will spend some more time on this head here. Surprisingly, after 2 hours working, the head I didn't like became a gorgeous head! So now I will have two heads to start! One that came out of my mind and the second that will be inspired on a famous girl. It couldn't be better! Inspiration was really the thing I was missing. When I found it I could relax and make a beautiful head without any reference model. It is wonderful. Now I have big plans for this doll, she has a romantic pair which I have always wanted to create too. Maybe I will make a male doll too? This would be my dream come true.
I won't tell the name of the girl but I will post work in progress pictures and wait to see if anyone can guess who she is. If I get any close to her beauty then I will be truly satisfied.


My mother is also good at crafts, besides a wonderful mother. She does a lot of things at the same time. When I got married she made some beautiful crochet rugs for me and I still have them - after 6 years. They look like new yet, they are beautiful and very strong. I think the crochet thread she uses is very good. I've searched ebay to see if I could find something similar but it seems there isn't anything like that. So I am trying to help her selling some rugs on ebay.
Please tell your friends and family about it.


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