This is the fairy I am creating at my learning website Doll Art Brasil.
Last week's lesson was painting the face. I always love painting and the way it changes the sculpted face as it was a brand new face! I am very happy with this fairy and it's really great to imagine she will belong to one of my dear students...


This is what my students got as for the lesson this week: learning how to make eyelashes and how to handle Viscose in order to make this beautiful curly hair. Both this cute little fairy and the adult fairy I am making on the course will be given to one of my students who wins the drawing that will happen at the meeting I am planning for them at the end of the course! I can't wait for that!


She will become a porcelain doll!
Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
These are the last pictures of my BJD prototype before she becomes a porcelain doll!

More beautiful pictures on flickr!

It has been a truly wonderful experience so far.
I would like to thank you God, first of all, for everything.
Thank you my family for the love and support.
Thank you my friends for being there watching this new project and posting wonderful comments of encouragement and love.
This project would never be possible without all this help. I am blessed.

Now I have a new, challenging road to follow. I will still be counting on you.


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