I've just come to the point where I start to get very anxious to see the doll finished. I'm aware that, as a consequence, this is the time when problems may happen. So I just have to control myself, try to be calm, each step at a time.
After painting the doll it is like she starts talking to me saying "Hurry, give me wings, I want to fly!". Any doll artist will agree with me that painting is like giving life to the sculpture.
The picture bellow is a bit old, it's when I finished sculpting the body and the shoes, she will have high heels shoes, so fashion!


I never thought it was possible to learn so much from details... The fairy I'm working for the commission is practically all sculpted, but she has a lot of details, a lot of little things that makes her even more special. She is not only a fairy, she's a star.
So I've been learning a lot. I'm totally absorbed by this work. Each step I take seems to be the very right one, it feels like something is guiding me, taking me beyond my own abilities, just amazing.
I've also learned that a commission demands a lot of brainstorming. From the point the collector tells you the kind of doll he/she wants to the time you put your hands on the clay. I've been calm enough to leave my worktable when something was not right, and patient enough to wait for the bright idea to come. I am so deeply grateful that I have been chosen to create this doll. For all the learning experience, for all the love, for all the support. I'm just blessed.


I've done some progress to my Male fairy, I still have to find a name for him. I'm waiting... who knows "they" will whisper his name in my ears as well... So far what I know is that he is a tree guardian. I believe the fairy world is doing everything they can to save nature, they seem to be very worried. They know that the most important thing are the trees. I do believe they are sending another message through this male fairy I'm sculpting. I'm sure it will be revealed as soon as I finish this work. So there are the guardians, who protect the trees from humans. They must be strong, they don't fly very well though. I will explain that later.

After his head, I started sculpting his legs, it's the first time I start with this part of the body, I thought it would be better to do so because he is standing. He is a very muscular fairy, this is due to his ability of climbing trees. I'm enjoying to sculpt a male, I thought it would be much more difficult but it is not.


I am open for commissions. You can read more details about it on my website. As I read the previous post I thought that maybe I am crazy for accepting commissions. And maybe nobody would commission me after reading that I don't have enough time for my sculpting. Then I thought about the reasons why I wanted to do that. Besides not being happy with the auctions on ebay, I realized that I am trying to push myself (and people around me) to make it work. I mean, if I have a commission I know I will have to find ways to do it. My too serious personality would never allow me to be delayed with a commission, or to work poorly. So I know, I would do anything to make it right. As a consequence, this would be a way for me to work more on my art. I don't know how long I will be open, I think it will be for a short time, so if you have any interest, don't hesitate. Thanks for reading!


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