Today I had to take a break from my commission work and create more eyes, as I found out the green eyes I had do not look green when they are on the face. Not very nice to realize that after inserting the eyes on the fairy head... but anyway, I also created bigger eyes, like the ones on the picture, so that I wouldn't waste materials. They are 1 cm in diameter and I will probably use them for my other projects of larger scale dolls.
There was another discovery today, a nicer one this time. The eyes I create are water safe! Washing Machine safe to be more specific. I found a pair of eyes inside my washing machine, when I was removing the washed clothes! I have no idea of how they went into there, but it was interesting to see they were intact, no defect, no damage! Of course nobody will ever throw a doll inside a washing machine (I believe) but it's a proof of the eyes quality, isn't it?
Now I just have to wait for the new eyes to dry...


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