"I believe there are no words to thank you for making this dream come true. The fairy is perfect, I couldn't have found a better gift, even if it was a real fairy.
Just as we loved it, we are sure that she will love it too.
Each detail is perfect, each little part of this fairy is more than beautiful, it is a dream, our dream, that became possible through you. So, all I can say is a simple,
but very true Thank You!
It was very especial, the achievement of a dream that we had for 4 years. And this moment will be with us forever and you will also be part of it, for you have created the best gift of all."

This lovely picture and e-mail (translated from Portuguese to English) I received today from the girls (Tatiana and Gabriella) who commissioned me to create Fairy Any. The picture shows the moment they gave Fairy Any to their idol, singer
Anahi. They were so kind to send me the picture...
this is one of those moments in life when it feels like everything makes sense and you can almost fly, taken by the soft breeze of happiness that is filling everything around you.


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