Meu site Doll Art Brasil (DAB) onde ensino a esculpir fadas e bonecas em cerâmica plástica vai completar 1 ano neste mês! Tem sido uma experiência maravilhosa não só para mim como para os alunos que fizeram parte do curso neste primeiro ano. O resultado são alunos satisfeitos e felizes com tudo que aprenderam!

Para comemorar o primeiro ano de DAB vou presentear duas pessoas com um curso completo!

Para mais informações visite o site do curso: Doll Art Brasil

On March 27 it will be one year since I started my teaching project and the website Doll Art Brasil. As a way to celebrate I will give two free courses. It has been a wonderful experience. This first year is closed with a lot of happy students who will soon become new polymer clay artists! I feel so happy that I could help people in my country learn this wonderful art.


Working with porcelain has been the most challenging experience to me. This is one of the reasons why I am taking so long to finish this project. I want to be satisfied with my doll and that means a lot, I am a bit too perfectionist... I've lost track of how many test castings I have made, but I know I've failed a lot of times. I felt discouraged sometimes, so tired to see another set of doll parts going to trash. But there is beauty everywhere... porcelain and I have slowly started to get along well, understanding each other and allowing each one of us to go a little deeper in our relationship. ♥
I took this picture because I thought it was beautiful to see the doll parts together while they are drying. Unfortunately these pieces were part of my failure proccess.
So I keep trying, never giving up. Until I can make myself happy.

Making molds - Moldes by TatiDoll
Making molds - Moldes a photo by TatiDoll on Flickr.
I'm sorry I haven't taken many pictures during the proccess of my doll becoming porcelain... there is just so much work that I ended up forgetting all about pictures...
This picture was taken some months ago when I started making the molds. When I started I thought plaster would drive me crazy! But now I wish porcelain was as easy as plaster...


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