I've done some progress to my Male fairy, I still have to find a name for him. I'm waiting... who knows "they" will whisper his name in my ears as well... So far what I know is that he is a tree guardian. I believe the fairy world is doing everything they can to save nature, they seem to be very worried. They know that the most important thing are the trees. I do believe they are sending another message through this male fairy I'm sculpting. I'm sure it will be revealed as soon as I finish this work. So there are the guardians, who protect the trees from humans. They must be strong, they don't fly very well though. I will explain that later.

After his head, I started sculpting his legs, it's the first time I start with this part of the body, I thought it would be better to do so because he is standing. He is a very muscular fairy, this is due to his ability of climbing trees. I'm enjoying to sculpt a male, I thought it would be much more difficult but it is not.


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