I never thought it was possible to learn so much from details... The fairy I'm working for the commission is practically all sculpted, but she has a lot of details, a lot of little things that makes her even more special. She is not only a fairy, she's a star.
So I've been learning a lot. I'm totally absorbed by this work. Each step I take seems to be the very right one, it feels like something is guiding me, taking me beyond my own abilities, just amazing.
I've also learned that a commission demands a lot of brainstorming. From the point the collector tells you the kind of doll he/she wants to the time you put your hands on the clay. I've been calm enough to leave my worktable when something was not right, and patient enough to wait for the bright idea to come. I am so deeply grateful that I have been chosen to create this doll. For all the learning experience, for all the love, for all the support. I'm just blessed.


  1. @ndré said...

    That is really amazing. Details are the most important things when it comes to art, in my opinion, and you are very creative about that. The love you put into it is very visible.
    I haven´t been very creative lately. Every time I try to concentrate and focus on painting, something goes wrong, someone comes to disturb, a total faillure. Wish me luck.:)
    Tatiana said...
    Dear André, I know how frustating this can be when you can't concentrate on your art. I think artists need to spend more time by themselves than other people. But you will have to make it happen, know what I mean? I'm sure the people around you will understand, because they love you and want to see you happy.

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