I had an inspiration while making a cake with my son. Laugh and mess!

~Inspiration usually comes when I am happy~

Here is some update about Tati Doll:

I spent the last 3 days working on the head, I have to admit I was getting quite upset about it. I thought I could get something from my mind, as this doll will be specially made for me I thought she could just "come out" of the clay using my memories as a reference. I even tried some sketches before putting the hands on the clay, but although I love to draw, sketches don't work for me. So I started the first head, concentrating on what I wanted my doll to be. No, it was not like that. The first head came back to the pack of the clay. Started a new one and NO, NO, NO!!! What's wrong? Oh well, I was very upset. But then, in the afternoon, I had this inspiration... I started singing a song, while making a cake for my son (and WITH my son - what a mess!). A song from a movie I love so much. And I remembered the movie that made me dream when I was a child. The beautiful girl.... THAT'S IT! The girl.... she will be my inspiration!!! At that moment I was so excited I wanted to go to the studio and start working on her right away, but had to finish the cake and put my son to bed. I couldn't stop thinking of this wonderful inspiration, and the more I thought about it, more ideas were emerging out of it. When everything was done, I went to the computer and started searching the web for pictures of her. So many beautiful pictures... wow! I am so happy that I finally found a reference for my doll. A heavy rain started, I had to turn the computer off, and looked at the second head I had started. I almost destroyed it as I did with the first one, but then I thought - well I won't be able to start the new head now because of this rain so I will spend some more time on this head here. Surprisingly, after 2 hours working, the head I didn't like became a gorgeous head! So now I will have two heads to start! One that came out of my mind and the second that will be inspired on a famous girl. It couldn't be better! Inspiration was really the thing I was missing. When I found it I could relax and make a beautiful head without any reference model. It is wonderful. Now I have big plans for this doll, she has a romantic pair which I have always wanted to create too. Maybe I will make a male doll too? This would be my dream come true.
I won't tell the name of the girl but I will post work in progress pictures and wait to see if anyone can guess who she is. If I get any close to her beauty then I will be truly satisfied.


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