I think this new template is so cute, I feel it is just perfect for the new projects I have this year...

So I am starting with a doll for myself...
I've been thinking about what I want my doll to be. I've been trying to remember the time when I was a little girl and I used to dream about the dolls I wanted to have. The "baby dolls" never attracted me much. I never liked to play mommy. I only had one baby doll. I was always amazed by Barbie. I can even remember the first Barbie I saw! I took a long time of dreaming before my mother could afford buying a Barbie for my sister and me. I think I was 11 then. I remember I was never happy with Barbie's body though. It was not poseable enough. One day, while we were visiting a cousin, she showed me her "Susie", and I was amazed by the doll body, it was all articulated, I could put her on several different poses! Wow, I was so surprised that kind of doll did exist! After that Susie, I never saw any other doll like that in my whole childhood. I think it was not very well accepted in the market so they stopped producing it.
Although I have no sketch, no real plan for her, I can already feel close to this doll, I realize now that I've been dreaming about her my whole life... For this reason I decided to call this doll "Tati Doll". Tati is the short form for my name "Tatiana". Family and friends call me Tati. The sound of this short name evokes love and tenderness to me as they are mostly said by people I love. Tati Doll is a perfect name for the doll I have in my dreams, as she will be like the symbol of everything I love, everything I believe and everything I wish for me and for the world.
So now, I think I can say a little about the doll I want to make for myself.
- First of all and the most important: she must be playable.
The dolls I have created so far are mostly to be admired than to be played with, that's because of their size and fragility. I really need to play with my doll so the Tati Doll must be made of strong material and be poseable, allowing me to play with her as much as I want.
- long hair - this is just viewable in my work style, almost allt he dolls I have created have long hair. But hair for Tati Doll must be also playable, so that I can brush, wash and style it.
- clothes - I also remember I loved to dress and undress my dolls, once, my aunt made some pretty clothes for our barbies. They were much better than the clothes available for purchase.
These are the things I can think of now. I will talk about this project frequently and I will add some pictures too. I would love to read any comments, suggestions, anything. Thank you!
see you soon...


  1. Nesca said...
    Hi Tatiana ! what a wonderful idea ! did you think about body jointed doll? since i saw them in the internet i always wanted to have one, i am crazy about them, but cant afford... i have a plan to make one for myself very soon, just like you, to make it like if i was buying it, just for myself :) I cant wait to see your doll. will you make fotos of work in progress? it would be lovely to see how your dream comes to life little by little :)
    all the best with your project !

    Tatiana said...
    Hi Nesca, yes I am cosindering BJD for this project, I'm also in love with them. How nice to know you have the same idea! It will be great to see your work too. I will try to post pictures of work in progress. thank you for your visit!

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