Happy New Year!!!
I hope it's a great 2010 start for everyone. I've been having lots of good thoughts coming all day long...
This is the first time I am willing to create my New Year's Resolution list. So here are the things I can think of now. The list may get bigger if I remember something else to include...

* A Doll for myself
After all the dolls I have created I feel a little empty about not having any with me. This will be my huge project for this year.

* Teach someone
I just want to show gratitude for the gifts I've been given so I think the best way is to teach someone.

Visit friends more often
I want to spend more time with my friends, decreasing the excuses to use the telephone and computer.

Get in shape - definitely
I lost 11kg in 3 months before my baby's first birthday. Now I want to be in shape. That means eating healthy food and saying goodbye to chocolate and coke.

* Finish my paintings
There are at least 2 unfinished paintings in my studio. I can't even remember when I started them... I really need to finish them.

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  1. @ndré said...
    Dear Tati,

    Hope you have a wonderful new year, full of color and happiness. I also hope you can accomplish all of your new year resolutions.
    I´ll send you an e-mail with a picture of my newest painting. Kisses and hughs from your friend.

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