Sometimes I fell I am the slowest person in this world when it comes to art. There were times when it bothered me so much but I can see the good side of it now and it looks like an advantage to me. Although I wish I had already finished this doll in porcelain, I like the fact that I am taking all the steps carefully, planning before each one of them, making tests and learning a lot. Did I mention how much I love learning? I love it so much that I'm afraid I will feel empty when I finish this doll and see there will be nothing else to learn! I will try to find something new to learn - for sure!

This is the first porcelain firing of my bjd prototype. It was only a test firing, it helped me find out that my kiln is overfiring so I have to make some adjustments. I noticed the head warped a little bit due to the high temperature, I believe. But I love the porcelain look already.

It has been a wonderful learning experience.


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