Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
What a magical moment to finally find out that TatiDoll stands on her own!!!!!!!!! (more pics on flickr)

I couldn't wait for the moment I would say that and it has finally arrived!
I am really, really happy! =)
But work has not finished yet, besides sanding a lot, there are some little details I want to fix and improve. I am a perfectionist.

You know what? I had this dream that I would finish this doll just before my birthday... My birthday is on Saturday and although she is not totally finished yet I am very proud and I think my dream has come true!


  1. Peeters Liliane said...
    Wow she is great I love to see more of her when she is dressed.
    Greetings Liliane
    Tatiana said...
    Thank you Lilliane!
    Yes, I can't wait for that too!

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