Torso sculpting
Upload feito originalmente por TatiDoll
I am sick and feel so tired! My son is sick too, I believe it's because of the drastic weather changes. We had a sudden "winter" right in the middle of summer if that is possible.... really crazy!
Last week I baked TatiDoll's torso, as you see in the picture, but it's not totally finished, I will add more details and sand a lot. Please excuse the dirty clay. For the first time I don't have to bother about the clay getting dirty since this doll is a prototype and I love that. This clay really picks all and every dirt!
Apart from that, I have been spending a lot of time on learning a new medium. I just love learning. It is like the fuel to my work. It seems I need to be learning constantly. I'm very excited about the new discoveries I'm making.
Will talk about that later.
I hope my son, me (and the weather) get better within the next days.


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