It's spring here in Brazil, but it's almost finishing, we have only one more week of spring. I wanted to write about spring when the season started. It is my favorite season, I love the weather in spring, it's not as hot as in summer, it rains a lot and there's a nice breeze most of the time. Not to mention the trees with the gorgeous flowers, and the birds and cicadas singing...
Isn't it the most beautiful season? I was looking at all the pictures I took during this season and found some I would like to share. Now that I look at them I like the fact that I didn't write of spring before, I wouldn't have these nice pictures to show... (just click on the picture to enlarge if you want)
this is my yellow orchid. My cousin-sister gave me on my 26th birthday. This year was the first time the flowers showed up. I have to admit I don't know how to take care of them. photo taken on Sep.25
a nest that my father found on the floor, next to the fruit tree we have on the backyard. It is also a love season for the birds! =)
photo taken on Sep.25

Olavo playing with the ipe tree flowers. It was not a good year for our tree, it rained too much at the time the tree was blossoming. I just love to see the sidewalk full of yellow flowers. photo taken on Sep.13

These are the pictures I took today, while it was raining, looking from our bedroom window our red roses were so beautiful in the rain. I just love red roses.

the last picture shows our banana plant. We have already eaten many of them so you can see why some are missing on the bunch.


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