the fairy's clothes

SkirtIt is the first time I create removable clothes. It was a huge challenge for me as I can't sew. But I just love challenges and I am happy with the result of this one.

It took me 2 days to finish it, between brainstorming and creating. I had the great help of my dear husband, but this time it wasn't practical, it was his presence only that inspired me and gave me the "light" I was waiting for to make the clothes. Thank you love!

I hope the client will enjoy dressing and undressing her fairy. =)


  1. Vanessa Assis said...
    Nossa Tatiana!!! Ficou maravilhosa essa roupa! Estou anciosa por vê-la vestida! Parece que vai ficar incrível!!! Um grande beijo!!!

    Vanessa Assis
    Tatiana said...
    Vanessa, obrigado pelo comentario e obrigado por acompanhar meu blog! Abraços!

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