It was a great experience to finish the Male Fairy during the 10 days auction. Not only because it was a WIP auction, but also because I had to finish it in 8 days, as I wanted to have his pictures done for the 2 last days of auction. I want to thank my dear husband so much, for his endless support. Without him I couldn't do it. Also thank my mother who always find a way to help, I love you mom!
Some people e-mailed me to say how much they liked Typus, I was so glad to know that.
Now that the auction is finished I only hope the winner will like him personally as much as she did on the photos.
I'm thinking about my next project which I will start on tuesday 27. I wanted to have a witch fairy for halloween as I did last year, but I'm too late now... so I'm thinking of something else...
My baby just got the flu, I will be giving him more than all my love until he is well again (if that is possible).
It's better not to make plans for now.

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  1. @ndré said...
    Dear Tati,

    I was so surprised by your newest creation. You keep getting your art towards perfection... Typus is at the same time delicate and strong, very, very beatutiful. Also I want to congratulate you for the success on the e-bay auction! You deserve all the best.

    Your friend,


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