It's a great feeling every time I finish sculpting the body. I love holding it in my hands, after it is baked and be able to "feel it". Much better is to notice there aren't ANY moonies! YIPPIE! I see it as a great sign, she will be perfect!
Long hours of sanding comes next. When I think I've sanded enough, I sand more. I wish I knew any other technique to skip this part, it would be great not having to sand that much. But it seems there is no other way. Anyway, now she has a beautiful, clean and soft skin. I just wish I could get rid of all my skin imperfections that easy! Well... not that easy... I think it would hurt to have my skin sanded... crazy me!
Next steps are sculpting the feet, hands, ears. Then she is done! I can't wait.
I think she should be ready already, but I've been a little sick lately, with that allergy that almost drives me crazy.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Tatiana, a cada dia que passa suas peças estão mais perfeitas! Fico boquiaberta cada vez que vejo um novo trabalho e agora, acompanhando cada detalhe do progresso estou encantada!
    Amo esculpir, sou iniciante, trabalho com biscuit e ando com muito pouco tempo! Desde abril que não faço nada!!! E o tempo voa!

    Saiba que amo seu trabalho, admiro muito seu talento!

    Um grande abraço!

    Vanessa Assis

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